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FIVE STAR Chef Apparel

FIVE STAR Chef Apparel is designed to provide high use and value to the food service professional. A variety of shirts, jackets, pants, aprons and hats are available to you in an assortment of fun colors and prints—making FIVE STAR the brand for every chef. All of FIVE STAR’s material is breathable and moisture wicking. Perfect for the hot and high-pressure conditions in the kitchen. The entire brand is unisex, and every piece of clothing comes in a range of different sizes best suited for each individual’s needs. The soil-release technology also allows for easy cleanup from spills and stains.
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Red Cap Chef Apparel

Red Kap has been a trusted name in the food service industry for a number of years. No-fuss chef apparel for no-fuss jobs. Choose from a variety of different jackets including five-gripper fronts with pockets or pocketless four-gripper fronts. These poly/cotton blends can tough it out through industrial laundering, making them the right choice—any way you slice it. Jacket and shirts come in a selection of collar or collarless, long or short, snap front or button. All to fit your specific tastes. Every piece comes with a number of attached pockets, for easy and quick storage.
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Dickies Chef Apparel

Search through these high-quality and extremely durable chef uniforms from Dickies. Available for both men and women in their unisex line, Dickie’s chef apparel includes a variety of top quality executive coats, shirts and pants. Shop the company’s full line of colors and styles. The Dickie’s brand prides itself on innovative, attractive chef and back of the house wear. Outfit your entire kitchen in some of the best quality fabrics and designs. Designed to keep you cool and built to last. This line of apparel has a liquid barrier that repels liquids on the fabric. Extending the life of your most comfortable clothes.
chef designs

Chef Designs

Chef Designs is the perfect blend of form and function. Choose from a large variety of coats, vests, aprons, shirts, pants, hats and many other apparel options for chefs and front-of-house employees! Chef Designs offers a ton of workwear for the culinary mastermind at extremely affordable prices. Work with ease in these breathable, light uniforms. All apparel also has concealed pockets for easy storage of workwear accessories and utensils. Chef Designs has invested in a cutting-edge soil release technology—making it easy to clean up after those frequent spills and kitchen mishaps. Built for your culinary lifestyle.

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